Sunday, June 17, 2012

a Sunday afternoon with 11 Meerdink men (and a dog)

My father with his dad, brothers, uncles, and cousins--the Meerdink Men.
Left to Right 1-My grandfather, Jurrien Dykstra (husband to Cynthia Meerdink), 2-uncle, Joel Dykstra, 3-great uncle Henry DeWild (husband to Dena Meerdink), 4-Robert Meerdink with dog, 5-great uncle Ben Meerdink, 6-uncle Donald Dykstra, 7-with the cigar great uncle George Meerdink, holding his son 8-George "Buddy", 9-Evert VanVeldhuisen, 10-great uncle Art VanVeldhuisen (husband to Jen Meerdink, and 11-my father, Leroy Dykstra.
(My grandmother's brother great uncle Henry "Hank" Meerdink is not pictured.)
about 1937
Remembering my father and grandfathers today with love.

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