Monday, September 26, 2011

tip #9 sewing from a bobbin

Keeping with my bobbin theme and wisdom from my mother, when it is critical that you do not run out of bobbin thread, fill two bobbins. Sew from one, have the other in the bobbin race.  Both will have the same length of thread on them.This way you can keep an eye on what is on the spindle and when it is running short, you can get to a good stopping place before you run out.
My mother did a lot of garment sewing and this was good for topstitching. I find it helpful when machine quilting when I don't want to run out mid-section of quilting.


Sarah said...

What a brilliant idea - never would have thought of that myself...

regan said...

Yep....brilliant! I'm definitely going to do this on my next machine quilting project.....I hate running out of bobbin on those intricate designs!