Sunday, July 17, 2011


The yellow bag yielded:
The incentive project: Bonnie Hunter's Florabunda.
Use: used up a bunch on the Florabunda; also used up lots of florals
Throw away: very little--these fabrics were in good shape
Share: Cousin Jan's bag got A LOT added to it with
prints that I know I will not use, and fabrics that I will use, just not as much as I had, so I tore them in half and put a piece in the bag.
Donate: fabric which is too awful to hand off to Jan. My friend Jeanette will be using this with her high school students
Stash return pile: cut into 6 1/2, 3 1/2, 2 1/2, 2, and 1 1/2 inch strips and just a few pieces to go back on the shelf
All from a 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag.

I did have to dip into the share/donate bag to get yellows for the border fabric for the quilt, and that lead to many thoughts of "Why did I give this one away?"
Note to self: do not look into the bags once you put something in there.

On to the large florals:
Since the incentive project lead to the need for florals, I did start on that next bag (actually, they were in a basket) So, time to finish getting the large florals in order.
Incentive project: a backing for the Florabunda.

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Bonnie K Hunter said...

Love THIS!! really did have fabrics that were too awful to hand to Jan? ((Honestly, I think there are some around here too...))

I want to work on MY Floribunda....but there is too much else on the plate and I'm feeling left behind!

How word verification is arkfuli. Yes. My ark is VERY FULL and I don't have time to sew it all up!