Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 years

I was watching my students on the unit this morning and recalled that Andy and I met 30 years ago this month.
Yes, it was during that dreaded July in the hospital (when med students become interns and interns become residents).
Andy, just out of his internship and coming to neurology for his first month of his internal medicine residency walked onto my unit and I thought, "I could fall in love with this guy."
We developed a friendship, he briefly dated a colleague of mine until he came to his senses and asked me out.
I was starting my second year as a staff nurse at the University of Iowa, and we conferred on patients for the three months he was on neurology. I'm not sure when we started dating--it was still warm as we went sailing on our second date.
We no longer work together, but remain good sounding boards to discuss patients. He is a senior attending and I am a clinical faculty member and hospice nurse.
Thirty years and still enjoying our careers and each other!


Kathie said...

congrats on 30 years and wonderful careers in the medical field for 30 years!
Love the picture of Eve, is she enjoying living there??? what an opportunity

Anonymous said...

Cute couple--great neighbors!!

WhiteStone said...

Happy Anniversary! A good marriage is a treasure.

P.S. I'm tempted to hop on the "yellow quilt" idea myself. Hmmmm.

Ginette said...

So sweet! Celebrate those miletones!