Thursday, April 21, 2011

second H quilt

The second H quilt, this one for my niece Hannah (love those palindrome names).
I need to get it bound for her high school graduation.


regan said...

Your H Quilt is lovely....I love the blend of's really beautiful!

And I have a funny story.....when I was a girl, my mother had come home from visiting a family with a newborn...and she was telling us all about the lovely baby, and when asked the name, she went blank, and said, "well, its....uhmmm....oh's a palindrome.....uhmmm....." and I immediately said "What!?! Who the heck would name their kid Appalendrome!?!" My mother still laughs about it.....40+ years later!

Hannah is a lovely name!

Helen in the UK said...

Love your H quilt and the differently proportioned version you showed earlier. Thanks for reminding me about this block ... as an H myself it should be a priority on my 'to do' list :)

PS: Found you from a link on Bonnie Hunter's blog.