Friday, March 04, 2011


My mother's quilt guild (Sioux Prairie Quilters, from Sioux County, Iowa) made props for the play Quilters back in 1985. They have rented out the quilts to productions all over the country for the past 26 years. This and next weekend, they are in use by Elmhurst College. My sister Janna and I went to see the play tonight.
Mom made all the vining around the center and the border. It is hand quilted in each section, then machine stabilized. It is huge--I believe the quilt measures 14 by 14 feet. It is showing wear, but that is part of its history now too.


paula, the quilter said...

Aren't those quilts quite large? I thought I had heard that they needed to be oversized so they would show to full advantage to the audience. Lovely quilt.

Anonymous said...



Brenda said...

I saw the show in Cody, Montana this summer. do you know if they used those quilts?