Tuesday, August 25, 2009

princess and the pea

We are getting ready for the roofer to do a tear-off and dorm out our attic. This means my fabric has been bagged up and we are throwing out lots of stuff that wandered its way up there. I have laid out finished quilts on a bed, Princess and the Pea style. I need to cover them with plastic before the dust flies.
I also see that many of the quilts are not quite finished--binding missing, a corner loose for a label, sleeves flapping from not being sewn down.

I love this quilt--I tested the pattern for Debbie Bookman--it needs sleeve and label. I think I gave it to Seth a few years ago for Christmas. Maybe his memory is as bad as mine and I can finish it and give it again this year.
See how unhappy he was the first day of grade 6.


Jack said...

Yeah u need to cover them with plastic before the dust flies...So that u can protect your wonderful work.
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Shasta said...

I've been scanning pictures - I can usually tell which ones are first day of school pictures, but I wish I had thought of having visible signs like that to show what grade she was in. That quilt is beautiful.

Nines said...

Poor feller! Congrats on getting some construction done- think of all the extra room it will give you!

Anonymous said...

he looks like double trouble