Monday, September 07, 2009

another block party

The theme this year was a mix of speak-easy/untouchables in honor of the Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger being filmed in our neighborhood. I still haven't seen the film, so I don't know if we actually made the final cut. Things start off by having candy thrown by a "Block Head" which used to be a kid with a box on his head, but has evolved in recent years to reflect the theme. We've had Elvis, a Pirate, Clowns, Olympians. This year it was this nefarious bunch of mopes.
Our block party has been held since 1955, one of the longest running in the city.

Our service project was the local food bank and my quilt brought in $321 plus about 2 dozen jars of peanut butter and jam.
I displayed quilts again off the porch.


Anonymous said...

And what a blast it was!

Diana said...

This looks like so much fun!

Teri said...

Love the quilt with the red squares. Was that a published pattern or one of your own?

Beth said...

I think next year should have a Chuck Norris theme.