Thursday, January 08, 2009


We did manage to all be in the same state and time zone for about a day on January 4th. Andy and Eve had been on the East Coast. Here also is Katie, the reason for Paul to be in Nebraska. Of all of us in the photographs, only the 11 year old was at a rockin' New Years Eve Party. How pathetic is that?

addenda: I just noticed the traditional Japanese Warrior who attended the Christ Child in the nativity scene above our heads. There was a Star Wars Storm Trooper holding baby Jesus at another scene I took down today.

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Sara said...

Oh, my goodness, you have the same creche set we do! My parents bought ours in Switzerland in the late '70's when our kids were really little and I wanted something they could touch and play with. We have added a lot of different sheep, but have no wolf (is that a wolf?). My mother found another set somehow for a wedding gift for my daughter, assuming ours would go to our son. This second set had a couple of pine trees, so I traded her a sheep for a tree. I often put photos of the creche on my blog during Advent. []

Well, too much detail. I wish I knew where to get these. Dad said he was told they were made by "Anthroposophen".