Saturday, October 25, 2008


Andy and I went to vote today. After an hour and a half in line and after accidentally committing a felony by dropping my printouts of judge recommendations by IVI/IPO under all the voting booths, we were able to make our choices.
We were at a library voting because we both work on election day and aren't sure we could be at the polls in time.
Eve at age 17 will be an election judge. The average age of an election judge in Chicago is 72 so they are recruiting Chicago Public High School students to be judges to help with the computers. My parents are computer savvy, and many of the 72 year old judges will be too, but I am sure Eve is going to be of help. They are assigning her to a Chinese neighborhood because she knows basic Mandarin. She says all she can tell them is how to find the bathroom.
Voting in Chicago is not for the squeamish. The arts center where I taught quilting was a polling sight and there would be shouting matches amongst the judges every year.
We are not a contested state, but we get some of the Wisconsin and Indiana directed television ads. I am ready for this election to be over, and am excited to see in which direction our country will go.
GO VOTE! Or, if you cannot, offer to babysit for or drive someone who can vote.

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Elaine Adair said...

I'm disgusted with the whole subject! Big money, both sides, and IMHO, we can't believe anything they say, so it's just the lesser of 2 evils. Groan, gripe, moan, whine ...