Friday, June 20, 2008

the corsage saga continues...

(See my May 7th post)
From my sister Janna:

So I'm cleaning out Mom and Dad's refrigerator and find Mom's Mother's Day
corsage. It was horrible...bright pink ribbon, a purple mum, two chartreuse
mums (who would ever pick chartreuse for a color), two pink carnations, and two
tiny rosebuds. plus a lot of filler (teeny white and pink flowers). I ordered a
ROSE corsage. I did so last year as well but those roses were huge so this year
I asked that the corsage be made out of small roses. They used two small rose
I called to complain...she wasn't much help. She said no one else had complained. She could help us out next
year but she never spelled out what she would do for us. Last year she
delivered to the wrong Henrietta Dykstra AFTER even though I told them of the
problem beforehand. They say the problem is that Mom is never home when they
SO...NEXT YEAR, you are in charge, Lynn....since both Beth and I have burned our
bridges in Hull, Sheldon, and Sioux Center. Mom did say that there is a florist
in Rock Valley and it is owned by our cousin
Jason's sister-in-law.


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Gypsy Quilter said...

Obviously, it's time to hire a professional. Yourself. I've no doubt next year, you'll be able to read up on flower assemblage, make a wonderful/marvelous/awesome corsage and find just the right teenager to deliver it expediently . . . probably for the price of a pizza. I'd do it for you, if I were closer, especially for the price of a pizza.