Sunday, May 04, 2008

old brides

Eve and I were up to Wisconsin this weekend to help my sister Janna who organized a bridal dress review for her church’s 150th anniversary. There were 56 dresses. Should any of you have the hubris to attempt this, make sure you have the women prepare their dresses themselves—we were up way too late steaming and pressing and fretting about mislaying veils and gloves and the occasional loose button. They were from the 1880s to one worn for a wedding last weekend.
The dresses took on an eerie look after a while. My brother-in-law said the deteriorating dresses had “that old bride smell—kind of sour.”
Some of the dresses were worn by their original brides, giving a Miss Havisham effect. Some dresses were so small 12 year olds had to wear them. And they were little 12 year olds!
It was fun to see Janna’s dress again, and our bridesmaids gowns after almost 30 years. My mother made them and they are beautiful.


Sequana said...

It looks like it's a beautiful show, but what a big job that was! I'm making a quilt for Quilters Against Breast Cancer that involves using donated wedding gowns and accessories for the basic quilt top. Some of those dresses are HEAVY! And hard to handle with all the pearls and beads. So I really appreciate what you guys did.

Darcie said...

Is that a pic of your daughter? She's adorable.

That show would have been lovely to see! I love all of the different styles...each one is beautiful, no matter what the era.

Had to giggle at your BIL's comment! lol

ForestJane said...

I agree, what a neat idea for a show.. a lot of work though!