Tuesday, April 01, 2008

streak of lightning

Judy is discussing log cabin sets on Sunshine quilts.
This is my favorite set, Streak of Lightning, made in 1997, I think from a Fons and Porter or American Patchwork magazine.
I've made this set several times.
I have good memories of one made for a colleague of my husband--he came home from work one day to find a gas explosion on his block and his house and several others burned to the ground. The only thing salvaged from his house was a fishing rod. The office had a house shower for him, and he told Andy he really missed a quilt his grandmother had made. I made a log cabin for him, but instead of the red center symbolizing fire in the hearth, I made yellow centers, showing a light in the window. I figured there had been enough fire in this man's life.
Judy talks of making two log cabin blocks a day. I found it very efficient to cut all the pieces, and make all 48 blocks at once, adding a round or two at a sewing session. This spread out the scraps among all the blocks. 48 blocks can be made in just a couple of days.


Cascade Lily said...

Wow. I so want to make a log cabin quilt. Just got to find enough time...

Elaine Adair said...

I agree - I'd like to make them all in a few days, rather than schedule them out. They look so attractive as they grow, it's hard to actually come to a stopping point. This one pictured is especially attractive.

Finn said...

Hi lynn, love your streak of lightening. I'd promised myeelf I would make a log cabin in each of the possible 'sets'...I still have streak of lightening, and a bigger courthouse steps to make. The little table quilt in courthouse steps doesn't count.
My favorite set is straight furrows, as you can work with an uneven number of blocks. Hugs, Finn

Tazzie said...

What a beautiful quilt Lynn. Log cabin quilts are among my favourites, and I love this setting.

Kathie said...

great quilt! I love log cabins.
that was so nice of you to make him a quilt.
Aren't they the best quilts to make?ones that you know people will appreciate.
Bet he was surprised you made him a quilt.