Thursday, February 07, 2008

this beautiful city

We awoke this morning to a lovely street scene, and it was so still all day the snow continues to hang on the trees. It has stayed cold enough that the snow covers the slush and pot holes.
Tonight I was at a party along the north branch of the Chicago river, and got the second picture with the Sears Tower in the background.


Darcie said...

I do love snow scenes. And thank you for the city scene! It's something that I don't get the change to appreciate around here...on the prairie. ;-) (When "clicked" it is quite lovely!)

Elaine Adair said...

Pretty street scene - takes ME back a few years. I was born 83rd & Luella. Loved the front porches that were enclosed, and especially the sidewalks, that we no longer had after moving to the country. Thanks for the memory job.

Slim Johnson said...

As beautiful as this is, it is now horribly icy, doesn't look as nice as this anymore and I'm rather tired of being cold. However, the little snowman hidden at the far right brings a smile.

Anonymous said...

I bet you're pretty tired of all that snow NOW.

We have it two feet deep in some parts of the lawn, the grass is showing through other parts.

I'm ready for spring.

Robbi Eklow