Tuesday, November 27, 2007

my irritating family

Something that is important to me is to take a family snapshot each year to include in our Christmas cards.
I have them together in a book where I can watch us all age like Dorian Gray. I don't like it when friends send pictures of just their children, I want to see my friends themselves.
In our annual photo shoot, I always tell them they have to look good on all of them, because I am picking the one where I look best. They laugh, start pinching, and so forth. You can put the photos together into a flip book and see me getting more and more irritated, with them looking better and better.
It used to be funny.


Anonymous said...


I think you look like a babe in each one. But I did have to laugh at your comments!

I haven't seen Paul in a couple of months...is that a...BEARD? Weren't we just carpooling him to second grade??? Aieeeee!!!

Karen said...

I looked at that photo of the most gorgeous family and just laughed out loud at your headline. You all look fabulous!

Dawn said...

You made me laugh! Everyone else gets better but you get more irrated! I"m sorry - it is funny!

atet said...

Ok, I do have to laugh about this. But I solve it by doing the kid only photo -- nope, not gonna get me in one of those!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn-

This is my first time reading your blog and I really hear ya about wanting to see the whole family in the Christmas card photo! Definitely one of my "pet peeves." I'm also a quilter and am enjoying reading your blog.

Mama Koch said...

Your irritating family is about like mine. I didn't like ANY of the family pictures we took this year. Going to wait and maybe take one later on. ....when we're all in a better mood!

Your family looks marvelous!v

Lucy said...

I love to see your family Lynn,Just showed Pim (my son) the pictures too. He asked if I had a picture of Eve :-)