Monday, August 13, 2007

little quilt

This little quilt (20 1/2" by 25 1/2") was made for a friend's fundraiser--She is the director of a museum. I asked for museum passes to use as prizes for our block party and offered to make a doll quilt for her museum fundraiser.
It is a sweet quilt, and was fun to make.
I have found doll quilts a fairly easy donation to come up with. The size is manageable in a time crunch, and they bring in money.


Lily said...

It's very cute and that's a most unusual shade of green you used in the border. I hope the eventual winner is very happy with their prize!

Anonymous said...

Eet is soooo cute!!!


Lucy said...

so cute !! I love doll quilts too :-)

Dawn said...

It is a wonderful cute little quilt!

Finn said...

I totally approve of these darling little one patch wonders! They make no pretense, and I love that. Hugs, Finn