Monday, August 20, 2007

fueling enthusiasm

or, at least, the strength to finish a project.
Last year when I got bogged down with our raffle quilt,

my friend Donna said to bring in over. She looked at it with me, offered to help make the needed blocks for completion, and gave me the strength to finish it.

I had the chance to pass this help on with this year's raffle quilt, as the coordinator, in the two years since she took this project on, fell in love, got married, bought a house, got pregnant, and 4 weeks ago, gave birth! She had it all put together except for the borders, so there was not a lot for me to take on, but I was glad to take it and get it done. I am showing just a tiny piece, waiting to show the whole quilt until the guild unveiling. (She now knows why I tried to discourage using this pattern for a group quilt--the "I don't think so" pile of blocks out of size was bigger than mine with a simple framed nine patch!)
The quilt is fabulous, and I hope to win it! I look forward to what it looks like after quilting.


Lily said...

Good on you Lynn! Wow she has a lot on her plate! Good luck with the raffle too :)

Finn said...

Neat quilt Lynn..I've always liked that pattern for the pieced people but it does seem putzy to me so I've never done it. Hope you win! Hugs, Finn