Wednesday, July 04, 2007

tile maker

This quilt may qualify as a variation of Finn's orphan block project.
Twelve years ago I hosted an exchange on Quiltnet called the Double Dutch. People exchanged either delft blue colored blocks or tulip blocks. My sister Janna has been patiently inquiring about these blocks and hoping for the resultant quilt ever since.
One member of the exchange put hers together and had it published in one of the last issues of Patchwork Quilting magazine. I miss that excellent publication.
Anyway, the blocks have aged a dozen years, and I decided they really did not belong in the same quilt. So, I pulled out the blue blocks, setting aside those just too far outside the size I wanted. There was still a bit of variation. I put them together, not worrying about cutting off points or matching things. I considered sashings, but Finn's orphan train quilts got me to realize Dutch tiles are set together without visible grout lines. Here is a photograph of my precious Makkum tiles set into a step in our house.
Janna will have her quilt at last!


Helen said...

Was that the American Patcwork and Quilting magazine put out by Better Homes and Gardens? The tile quilt is lovely!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

marvelous. I love how it's put together without the sashing.

Slim Johnson said...

That is one great looking quilt. So many different patterns.

Bonnie said...

It's great! My eyes just dance all over it set block to block with no sashings like that.


Finn said...

Hi Lynn, what a wonderful surprise to pop over and find you playing with 'blocks' of assorted value to you...LOL Thank goodness for your sisters patience and love of them.
It is a MARVELOUS quilt!! And defintely fits right into our challenge of making a top with abandoned blocks. I love the similarity to the tile look. You are right on with that. May I use your picture on the Riding the Orphan Train blog?? I think it will inspire many that might not see it here.
Maybe you could send me the picture as an attachment, or I can snitch a copy, whatever works for you. Great job!! Hugs, Finn

Sue in western WA said...

I've always liked the idea of a blue and white quilt. This one is enough to get the juices flowing again. Maybe I will actually get one made after all!

Marcie said...

I saw your quilt on Finn's blog. It is great! Beautiful blocks and blue and white is perfect, and so Dutch!