Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the usual suspects

I belong to a group of wonderful women called "Tuesday Knitters". Our children were in preschool together, and we would get together on Tuesdays to knit. Time has past, children grew, and we now gather yearly on Super Bowl Sunday.
I am a very basic knitter, with it used more as a calming/distracting activity than a chance to showcase amazing skills. My usual output is dishcloths, for crying out loud. But, rearranging a cupboard today brought out this lineup. I loved making gnomes. These are all well played with. I think the ZZ Top guy on the left is one of the first ones I made. I'm sure I made over 50 of them, giving as gifts and to a school shop.
I have lots of bits of yarn around, in small quantities. Time to make more gnomes.


Happy Valley Quilter said...

Isn't it great to belong to a great group of women?! I have a few friends that meet regularly at the local bagel shop. We call it cheap therapy...much cheaper than quilting!!!.

I love your gnomes!

Darcie said...

Your gnomes are adorable! I've never seen anything like them before.

Is that a stained glass window in your home, Lynn? It's spectacular!!!

Carol E. said...

Love the gnomes! Can I play with one? haha... I love groups of women friends, too. I have some dear friends in a "gang". We have lots of laughs.

Sewcatherine said...

Oh, I am a basic knitter too. those don't look so simple...but oh so cute!!