Sunday, December 03, 2006

dragon teeth workshop

A few weeks ago I had a Dragon Teeth workshop at the Portage Park Center for the Arts. My samples are in the first and last photo, and my students' work is in the middle photograph. I enjoyed this workshop, and love at the variety of quilts they made. I am having an open house at the arts center on Tuesday, December 19th in the evening. If any of you Chicago types want to come, just email me for details.
I have had several questions on this pattern--I adapted it from Karla Alexander's second book, Stack a New Deck--I believe she called it Lizard Lounge, or something like that. I worked in sizing changes, setting options, and a few other quirks. I also like my title better! This book is great, better than the first in this series. I like her way of looking at freedom in block making.


Anonymous said...

Love the shots from your workshop. Haven't seen Dragon Teeth before! Cool. Have fun with the open house.

Patti said...

What an unusual design! I've never seen anything like this before. Love the colors and fabrics you used, and your students samples look great. Is this a pattern you developed yourself? How creative - and I love the name!

Darcie said...

Is this an original design from you, Lynn? It's terrific! I really like that bottom photo.

Congrats on your open house coming up!

Anonymous said...

I love the dragons teeth pattern. I had to buy that book for a class at the retreat I recently attended. We made the Red Onion(mine was done in oranges). I am using her Curvy Rails(or something like that, don't have the book right here and to lazy to go get it) for a backing for my grandsons quilt. I like her way of doing things, too! Will have to take a closer look at the lizard one to see what changes you made! I like to change things up a bit, too!

Susan said...

I really like the colors and arrangement on the last one. What a great quilt.

Bonnie said...

The dragon teeth quilts are so cool!! What a fun technique!