Saturday, July 15, 2006

sewing in church

Catherine gave a great list of places she has done handwork and wondered about sewing in church.
While traveling in Germany, I saw many women knit in church.

I have had several deadlines, often with church related sewing that had me sitting in the balcony and sewing during the sermon. The last time was a stole for an ordination that was taking place after the service--I had two friends sewing with me!
There are several women who crochet during the service, and quite a few of us who knit in the sanctuary while the choir and organist rehearse before the service--or in the quiet before anything starts.
So, if you want to do handwork in church, you are welcome to join me in the balcony at St Pauls!


Lily said...

Lynn that's a great idea - and you were sewing something appropriate for church too!

Sewcatherine said...

Maybe I need to change to a different church!!

Susan in N. GA said...

Love this post. Knitting and sewing are great times for prayer.
Susan in N. GA.