Wednesday, February 01, 2006

new stuff

I am getting used to a new computer and a new camera. I have a wonderful memory of my grandmother, sitting at the new telephone when we moved from operator phones to dials in about 1963. She just sat there, overwhelmed by this new technology.
She did master it, though. And I can too!
This quilt is for my father's 75th birthday which was last March. I gave it to him quilted for Christmas. And, I hope, bound on his 76th birthday! My family accepts the same quilt at different stages for different occasions. I'm lucky they like me.


cher said...

I really like the quilting you did on this quilt-I am sure he will be very happy to finally get to keep it!

Laura said...

I love how the red pops out, the quilting is wonderful. You have one lucky dad getting this gift!

quiltpixie said...

Given the work that goes into a quilt it only seems fair to get several gift giving occassions from it! :-)

I'm sure when its all finished he'll continue to enjoy it.

YankeeQuilter said...

My sister has worked out some different stages - she sends me a photo and some fabric for my birthday so at Christmas she got the quilt she wanted! No one ever accused her of being subtle! Your dad will love the quilt!

Sharon said...

Glad to hear someone else does the same gifting that I do!

And I really like the color choices here.