Sunday, December 20, 2015

tip # 30--spray in the waste basket

I make my labels by cutting a square, folding in in half, and placing the triangle on a lower corner of a quilt just before doing the machine work of binding. I give the prepared triangle a spritz of basting spray to help it stay in place before the machine work on the edges and the hand work across the hypotenuse. I still use a couple of pins, but the spray stabilizes the label.
I put the label in the waste basket to contain the over-spray.

I used to cut a triangle and fold over an edge but found too often the backing fabric would show through too much and there would be an odd place where the fold would block the show-through. The double layer of the label made with a folded square prevents this.

Size of label squares are anywhere from 3 1/2 inches to 8 inches depending on the size of the quilt and how much I want to write.

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Amy said...

Thanks for the tip, Lynn. I use the folded triangles for labels too, but have used pins instead of spray adhesive. This makes so much sense. Now to finish a quilt to give it a try.