Saturday, August 18, 2012

alphabet coming together

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Nadine said...

Oh, this is such a gorgeous quilt ! My youngest daughter is a teacher and I've been looking for long for an alphabet quilt... this one just caught my heart ! ;>)
I understand the main pattern is from Cheri Pain (and I've already uploaded her posts) but your colors combo and adaptation is SO joyful and inspiring ! Would you mind if I go the same way with mine , dear ?
Also, your "Extravagant Welcome" is on my TO-DO list, as well. HeeHee...

ENJOY your sewing !

PS : I very much enjoy your blog, althoough I don't often post a comment (Blogland has become so huuuge to visit all quilting friends!) but be sure you are of great inspiration. Also, I like the fact that you praise your Dutch origins, just as I do (right now I'm starting the "Dutch Treat" Quilt in hommage to my mother...

(sorry for this quite loooong comment ;>)