Tuesday, August 24, 2010

bordello bargello

So named because spell check doesn't like the word bargello and tries to change it to bordello.
I am making another version of Bonnie Hunter's bargello quilt. A lot of mindless sewing that I am fitting in here and there. My Bernina 1530 has major, as in mother board, problems so I am sewing on the Bernina 830 I got for $25 at a thrift shop. A beautiful stitch and I am getting used to there not being a needle down setting.
Making this pretty big using Bonnie's numbers of 6 panels of forty 2 1/2 strips; each strip cut 16" and each panel sliced into six 2 1/2 inch segments. I don't plan to put borders on it.
I really like how the panels look before cutting. Last time I made this pattern I left one panel whole. I think after this quilt I will make one with just panels.
The plaids continue to be what I want to work with.

AND, school has started.

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