Monday, August 31, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love
Here is my box for the Iraqi Bundles of Love. It is filled with some of my stuff plus much thread from the stash of a friend's mother.
How come everyone else's bundle on the website looks so pretty and mine looks like it just fell out of bed?


Sara said...

Thanks for showing yours--I thought mine were the only one looking messy.

I had to buy clothesline to tie mine together, and that is not what you would call "pretty". Just tucked the ends in as best I could,,hope it holds together long enough to get handed out in one piece!

Anonymous said...

I made one last night, and it looks hopelessly messy. But you know they'll be happy with the materials inside. Just so long as it all holds together from here to Iraq!


Sarah N. said...

Don't worry - mine looked the same way!

Kim said...

How it looks doesn't matter...
how thoughtful of you to send it. I hope it makes someone very happy.

Have fun doing the shirt-stripe boxes....I'm up in my sewing room finishing the piecing tonight.
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy Sewing

Kim said...
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