Thursday, October 04, 2007


This doll quilt is for my guild's silent auction at the Fine Art of Fiber show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Since going to a heavier work schedule, I have not had as much time to sew, and am grateful for those UFOs in my stacks that I can pull out and finish. They are like money in the bank!
This one was a small class sample. I didn't have enough of the yellow binding so I added a piece of blue. Finn has her orphan blocks, I have my orphan bindings!
The blocks were left from a larger quilt I called 'Chiclets" because the pieces looked like the shape and colors of the gum.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Too cute!

Slim Johnson said...

The way the pieces are cut and the placement of the red squares really gives a lot of movement -- -very nice!!

Kathie said...

this is such a great little quilt, is the pattern available? or is it in a book?
Love the way the blocks have movement due to the way you cut them
thanks for sharing.

atet said...

Oh what a cute quilt! Let's hear it for the UFO's!