Wednesday, August 29, 2007

first day of school

Seth's first day of 4th grade. I cropped out a pile of bags for the donation truck--I've been cleaning house and told the kids all clothes had to be culled of extraneous stuff I've been rewashing for no reason. Made for a junkie looking porch this week. Not that it doesn't look junkie the rest of the time. The phlox and black eyed susans are from the garden for the teacher.

Here is a cat quilt I don't think I've ever shown. It was used by one a Paul's friends who slept on our floor for the block party.

And, speaking of block parties, here is the finished (well, almost, the binding needs handwork yet) raffle quilt of purple strings. It raised $544.00 for the local food pantry. A guest at the party won it and gave it to her hostess, so it stays on the block! We sold tickets for $5.00, so either someone shorted us a dollar, or someone slipped in a few extra.

a fun back.


Jane Weston said...

I like the cat quilt...very sweet.

tamera said...

I love the purple back!

Sonnja said...

Wat een leuke poezen quilt!



Carol E. said...

Now why didn't I ever think of sending flowers to my kids' teachers on the first day?! That is such a nice gesture. Love the back of that strings quilt.

KimT said...

beautiful quilt!

Elaine Adair said...

That little cat quilt is just darling -- perfect for any baby/child!

Wish I had those flowers on MY desk. 8-)

Finn said...

Oh yes, the bittersweet time...the first day of school again. He looks a bit sad to be heading out..probably will miss Mom. Love the Cat Quilt, it's a fun one, and I like the contrasting stripes framing each kitty!
What a great raffle quilt that string top turned into, and a wonderful backing1 Keep up the good work! Hugs, Finn