Wednesday, November 16, 2016

a new grand-niece!

The quilt was made by her Grandma-Great and her Great-Aunts.

Welcome, dear Sybil, to the family!

I used the pattern County Lines by Kari Nicholes. 
It is a very well designed quilt, and I have used it several times over the years, with a variety of styles of fabrics. Every time I am so pleased.
I don't remember when I made this top--and was happy to realize it was waiting for our Sybil to come to us.
30's repro fabrics and aqua Kona cotton solid.
Measures 51 by 62 1/2 inches


Summer said...

So lovely! It's a beautiful quilt ♥

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

It's lovely.

em's scrapbag said...

Welcome Sybil, enjoy your lovely quilt

Anonymous said...

Sweet quilt for Sweet Sybil!