Monday, December 15, 2014

consumables for gifts

I prefer to give (and get) consumables for Christmas gifts. Here are some of my favorite purchases for this year. All but the last two can be ordered on Amazon, but I bought them all locally.
Stroopwafels, in either the honey or caramel version. Your Dutch friends will love you. Your non-Dutch friends will become ready converts. These are great placed over a steaming cup of tea or coffee to melt a bit. Any brand will do, but I like Daelman's hexagonal packaging! I've been finding them at Marshall's for $4.99.
 Love Crunch cereal by Nature's Path. I give a case to my grad-student son. About $4 a bag, but it comes on sale at our store and I've found it at Aldi for about $2.
Gerolsteiner Mineral Water. I buy this by the case (I prefer the glass bottles) and bring a bottle or two as hostess gifts for every holiday party we go to--a nice non-alcoholic addition to the bar. Costs about $3.60 a bottle at my local market.
Inglehoffer mustard. Also bought by the case and has been our neighbor gift for the past two years. A favorite activity on our block is giving each other small gifts. At $1.89 a jar, (and really cute with a bow stuck on top) it is a fun gift to give and get.
Another case purchase! We give this hand soap to the staff of our mother's assisted living home. $3.99 directly from Mrs. Meyers. I get a variety of scents, but my favorites are Iowa Pine, Rosemary, and Radish.
My favorite local jam, Pear Tree Preserves. Bought the Jam of the (every other) Month for my mother-in-law. Also bought jars for friends. $8 a jar.
Soy candles from Bright Endeavors, a social enterprise of New Moms here in Chicago, where they teach business concepts to young mothers. I was there today to purchase candles and talked with some of the young women as they prepared a big order of custom candles. They cost $4.50-$11.00. A great product from a great organization. And, as soybean farmers, a way for our family to promote our harvest!


Quilting Moesje said...

Stroopwafels :0)) I'm eating too much
by my mug off coffee :0) mmm ; 0)

Synthia said...

Wonderful ideas. Thank you!!!