Saturday, December 01, 2012

doll clothes

All of our dolls had many clothes made by our mother out of leftover yardage from her sewing her and our clothing.
The pictured dolls are models--not ours--we never had a real Barbie Doll. We had three of the knock-off ones.
From what I remember, Mom and our neighbor, Joyce Dykstra, made a huge pile of duplicate outfits for their daughters and nieces.All of my cousins' doll clothes got snaps and hooks & eyes, but ours never got them.
Janna thought she could talk mom into doing that about 48 years later, but Mom didn't go for it. She did wash and iron them, and a bit of mending here and there.
Alas, still no snaps or hooks & eyes.

Janna has an ingenious way of having these shows at her church--table leaves are placed over the bench backs, or card tables are placed standing on the pews. It makes a sturdy surface for display.
Past shows using this method have been for Baptism Gowns and for Military uniforms and memorabilia.  Next year will be farm toys.

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Slim Johnson said...

Sharon and I were buying toys for a Toys for Tots gathering and noticed Tim Gunn designed Barbie outfits. Thank you Mood!!