Tuesday, May 22, 2012

scissors confession

In sorting out the history of the scissors controversy, I have discovered that I was the reason for my sisters and brother being punished.
To retell, as children, a favorite Sunday afternoon past time was to cut out paper dolls from the Sears and Wards catalogs. We loved to find the same models in different clothing and poses to add to our collections. We always fought over who got to cut out the brides.
One Sunday our cousins Elaine and Mark and Lorelie were visiting (their older brother Myron was way too old and sophisticated to join in) and I hauled out the catalogs, inviting them to join in and cut out some dolls. They informed us that they were not allowed to use a scissors on Sundays. I laughed at this and my mother overheard. After the cousins left, she told us that because we laughed at our cousins we no longer were allowed to use scissors on Sundays either.
Since my sisters have no recollection of this incident, only that we could not use scissors on Sundays, I fear I was the one who was the cause.
Huge repercussions--later, in our 4-H years, we would have to stay up until midnight Sunday nights before being allowed to finish fair projects due on Monday mornings.
Janna, Beth--my fault.
I'm sorry.
(although, a part of me still wants to blame Elaine and Mark and Lorelie and their stupid, silly rule...)


Slim Johnson said...

Well....at least you didn't run with them.

Anonymous said...

I am sure there was a lesson there that your mother was trying to teach, but I'm not sure what. It sounds like a silly rule to me.