Wednesday, February 01, 2012

exuberant color

This little quilt, just 11 1/2 by 13 inches, was a study for a class I took nearly 20 years ago with Wanda Hanson, now of the wonderful blog Exuberant Color.
I've been to quite a few workshops. Some are very active and fun and silly and a good time, some are not so much fun.
But this one with Wanda has stayed with me all these years. I left that day with a sense of reverence. She showed such respect for her work and ours, and made me feel like what I was doing really mattered.
While cleaning my studio last week I discovered this little piece and thought it was time to give it its due. I machine quilted it with a squiggle grid and bound it this morning. There are a few other studies from that workshop around here somewhere, and I will finish them up too.

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regan said...

A sweet little quilt! Nice!