Saturday, February 18, 2012

an extravagant welcome--playing with paper dolls

I loved playing with paper dolls as a child and these blocks bring back that same enjoyment.

Select background, body, and clothing and just have fun!

I make a few stacks, lay out three, then sew three blocks at a time.


I Quilt for Fun said...

Lynne, thanks so much. Can't wait to get started. What a perfect child's quilt with lots of lessons embedded in the design and fabric selection! Jan

Quilting Moesje said...

Nice ... showing us the (Patch ...) "paper dolls"...child's !
Good Luck ...

Louise SS said...

I'm afraid I have to make some paper dolls now.... They look like fun! Thanks for sharing!
Louise in Sweden

Libby said...

These are SO much fun!