Friday, December 23, 2011

another barn is built

After a devastating fire in 1953, a barn is rebuilt.
This is the barn my sisters and brother and I worked in--cleaning the bulk tank, feeding calves with a bottle and then out of a bucket, cleaning the gutters and bedding the cows with straw, feeding the cows silage, ground corn, and hay. Also, a place of danger with the fierce bull and the openings of the haymow floor to throw down bales. We loved to shout in the silo to hear our echos.
The haymow was a wonderful place--sweet hay smell, newly born kittens to find in the bales, a long rope to swing from, loose straw to jump into from high bales.
Construction by Chuck Stienstra and Bill Hoekstra.


Slim Johnson said...

These old pictures are a treasure.

regan said...

I was wondering if they used the same foundation from the previous barn. What fun you must have had playing on the farm....ok, yeah it was work too, but fun I'll bet! :o)

Have a very merry Christmas!