Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Bonnie Hunter posted a bowtie pattern that many are making with cheddar background.
This project fit in well with my stash organizing and with my fall teaching schedule limiting my sewing time. I am enjoying using fabrics I purchased 30 years ago all the way through to fabric added this week. As you can tell, I've been cutting up the purples.
Over 90 blocks are made as of this evening and it will be a pleasant time adding to them over the next few months.
Cheddar fabric: two 2 inch cut squares
Bowtie fabric: two 2 inch cut squares and two 1 1/4 inch cut squares to sew on a diagonal.
Finished bowtie block 3 inches (unfinished 3 1/2 inches)

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regan said...

Your bowties look great! I've been meaning to start this little sew along with Bonnie, but haven't started yet! I'm afraid I'll be way behind everyone, but it's not a race, right!?! lol