Thursday, May 05, 2011

bordello bargello quilted

I had this top on hand when a neighbor asked for a donation for a fundraiser for his political campaign. (He won! I have an alderman on the block!)

Another neighbor bought it at the silent auction so it stays on LeClaire.
Suzette Fisher quilted it beautifully.
And, I found a great backing fabric.
Find how to make this quilt on Bonnie Hunter's quiltville.
(Oh, and the spell check Bordello Bargello name is particularly apt as we have had a influx of "massage parlors" in the neighborhood and will be on my list of topics to bring to the attention of our new alderman.)


julieQ said...

I so love this quilt!! I bet it is so cuddly...lovely quilting really shows it off!!

Kathie said...

oh I love this quilt
I would have bought it too!
so nice that you donated a quilt to help him! good for you.
hope all is well

Jan said...

How fun; I love the quilting, too.