Thursday, March 31, 2011

housework elevated

I have a day home today and am trying to pull together several half-started cleaning projects. To keep me going, I have Brahm's A German Requium on loud enough to follow me around the house (and probably as far as the neighbors too).
Several years ago, when he was our seminary intern, Greg Sabetta (now pastor of Edgebrook Community Church/UCC--check out a service if you are nearby!) led a six week  lenten study on the Requium. He brought in history and music theory along with scripture and what was going on in Brahms world to give us a deeper understanding of the message of the piece.
Ever since I have made a point of making the Requium part of my lenten journey. My old tape finally gave way (along with our tape deck) and I got a new CD this year of Solti's 1979 CSO recording.
Thank you, Greg, for enriching my life.


Bonnie K Hunter said...

I KNOW Brahm's Requiem!! I've sang Brahm's Requiem in Carnegy Hall ((Yes, ON stage no was with a college choir thing ;c))

Enjoy the music..I'll think of you as I'm scrubbing bathrooms!


Greg Sabetta said...

Thank you, Lynn--my time at St. Pauls was a very happy one, the Brahms study is among my favorite memories! So happy you enjoyed it and find it meaningful. You'll be pleased to know that I'm learning my way around a sewing machine and have made a few simple projects for church with assistance. Will probably dabble in quilting sometime soon! Many blessings to you! Greg