Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It was an impressive storm. 20.5 inches. 60 mph winds.
Had to move our Rahm sign to higher ground.

The city plows first the snow routes, then the arterials, followed by the major streets, and then, the secondaries, ie, residential streets. And last, the alleys.
This means it will be at least two more days until the plows will reach us, so the block went out and dug out the street along with the sidewalks. By hand with shovels and a couple of snowblowers. A citizens brigade. (The alleys may need to wait until spring.)


Bonnie K Hunter said...

Hey! I was thinking of you...I recognize that porch :cD I'm glad you are all okay, and that the power stayed ON!

Stay in, stay warm and quilt!


Jan said...

I am amazed that your street is so well cleared. After watching the local news, it seemed that side streets weren't even on the schedule to be plowed. I'm in NW Indiana, and the snow didn't stop until nearly 6pm! Now we brace for the cold, right?!

grostedt said...

You were slammed! Watched a cnn video of magnificent mile. Vacant!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Boy, talk about team spirit! The next time there's snow in my neighborhood, I know who I'm gonna call . . . "snow busters."

Anonymous said...

Always fun...and see the neighbors out in situations like this. I'm kind of surprised we didn't have an impromptu pot luck out in front of your house:)