Friday, August 13, 2010

"I think the quilt makers of the world need to rise up and start throwing elbows."

Check out the great interview with Boo Davis in Thursday's New York Times. Click through the wonderful slide show.
Good comments about the terrible prices and respect for our work.

Of course, this comes just a few days after we are dissed in the Times by a comment about the struggling American Folk Art Museum where part of their mission is hoping "to show people that folk art 'isn’t just quilts and weathervanes.' "


Rebecca said...

Unfortunately I have no idea what "throwing elbows' means, but it sounds like what I feel about the lack of respect and recognition quilters get.

You go girl looking out for us!


Anonymous said...

Henry Darger traced pictures of little girls out of coloring books and then drew penises on them--he was a wild eccentric but an artist? I'm not sure the museum should be touting that collection over any one of their quilts.
Makes my blood boil!!!