Tuesday, September 08, 2009

nine patch

Working on this nine patch, using the method on the Moda site.
I thought this was a lot of busy work for making the patches, but works well with the type of scraps I am plowing through. Also, with varying bits of time to work, it is a method that lends itself to easy pick up and stopping. I stay organized, an unlikely state for me in my usual disarray.
I am using 4 1/2 inch squares to start, ending with 3 inch finished nine patches.

Today was Eve's last first day of high school. A senior. She is recently back from visiting a bunch of really expensive schools out East.


Screen Door said...

Thanks for sharing--- love your colors. I just printed out the Moda Bake shop technique. Looks fun...

Gypsy Quilter said...

Such lovely pastel 9-patches.

Jeanne said...

Love those little nine patches!