Friday, June 05, 2009

home again

I had these three quilts hanging at the arts center. I enjoy getting reacquainted with quilts I haven't seen for a while.
I think all were made in 2001.
This was a mystery on the web. A rare example of a quilt of mine not made with many fabrics. I do like it.

A little quilt, part of a guild challenge so the fabrics were selected by someone else--I added a few. I named it Toba for the place in Japan we saw many seahorses. Quilted with close parallel curved lines with variegated rayon thread.

I took a workshop with Margaret Miller. Quilted in random intersecting squiggle lines with variegated rayon thread. And, it has a great Senegal fabric of chickens for the back.


Elaine Adair said...

Hah - I recognized the Margaret Miller class quilt immediately! Absolutely LOVE that technique. Yours is beautiful. 8-))

Anonymous said...

Great quilts, Lynn!


ROZ said...

What great quilts! I don't know which is my favorite--