Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oma Scholten and Tante Roelfe, quilter and knitter

This is my mother's grandmother and her sister, Jenneken Scholten and Tante (Aunt) Roelfe. Jenneken was a quilter; most of her quilts were lost in a house fire when my mother was in high school. The one quilt we know survived belongs to my cousin Helen.
My mother's cousins had a reunion last week--two cousins aged 83 and 86 took the bus from Michigan to Iowa. One cousin reported that Tante Roelfe was an excellent knitter.
Mom informs me that this Grandma did not make the quilts lost in the house fire--they were by her other grandmother, Grada "Carrie" Diekevers nee Rabbers. Mom does have a rug that Oma Scholten made.


Gypsy Quilter said...

And I bet between them they had some great recipes also.

Jane Weston said...

what a great picture! Doesn't it make you wonder what they were thinking...and wouldn't they be proud that you are still carrying on the art of quilting!

Lucy said...

what a great pictures! and they must be your dutch ancestors Scholten is so dutch :-) speicla Hendrieka