Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have periods of insomnia, nothing terrible, but when I find myself tossing and turning too much, I head downstairs to the davenport. I awoke to a flash, to find Andy taking my picture--quilt included.
Eve and Paul have caught me downstairs, and I thought I had better explain my move was not due to a fight, but that I was trying to protect Andy's sleep. Eve said, "I thought you might be doing this because you were irritated with him." I explained that if I was irritated with him, I would have stayed in bed and made his sleep miserable!
Note the cat--This is the Creature Who Has No Purpose. He escapes the house and terrorises raccoons. He stands in the middle of the road and stares down cars. I really dislike this cat (most cats, actually) but he lives here so I feed him. Andy and the kids adore him.


Carol E. said...

That looks soooo cozy!

Sharon said...

I say wake the whole house up! Make them suffer, too:)


atet said...

I know what you mean about the insomnia, but your thanks for your consideration is a photo? Umm...next time, make 'em suffer.

Karen said...

That cat is happy snuggling up with you (although I can see from his expression that he's sort of...arrogant? lol), though!

Judy said...

That is one lazy kitty!!