Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hand dyed fabrics

A small quilt made with hand dyed fabrics I purchased about 12 years ago. After many years of being pregnant or breast feeding, I finally a few years ago was able to start dying my own fabrics. I have a top I made with some of them, I will try to photograph it this week.
This little quilt, machine quilted in channels of ripples, I sold. I don't sell very many--usually I can't part with my quilts for money, although I give many away.
This quilt was made in the same way the quilt features in my earlier posting of August 7th.
It is one of my most popular classes.


Finn said...

Beautiful quilt..great colors and I love the "wonky-ness" of it. Also, so good to see you back to posting..missed ya !
I took one dying class in Mpls from Jan Meyer, when she was just Jan Meyer. Always thought I'd get "into" dying, but still haven't..not much hope for me I think...LOL. But I love hand dyed fabrics..yours are great !

Frances said...

this is beautiful, like a field full of flowers, like the curved quilting too, wonderful,